“The Beer Garden”

The PACA recently asked our members: “What is your favorite Philly Summer Attraction?” Our Board Secretary, Dan Bove of the Warwick Residences, shares his love on a Philadelphia Summer Tradition: The Beer Garden.

My favorite summer attraction in Philadelphia is the onset of outdoor beer gardens. Philadelphia is fortunate to experiencet all 4 seasons and we are sure taking advantage of spending summer outdoors. I have spent many a great night and day at the Spruce Street Harbor Park. It’s right on the water and the river brings a cool breeze through. There are several spots to relax and unwind in a hammock or on an Adirondack chair.The Independence Beer Garden is a great place to enjoy  great food and lively spirits while taking in the historic sights of Philadelphia. The Beer Garden at The Oval takes advantage of another great view of our fair city. Sip, or gulp, your way through the night in front of the art museum and enjoy the views on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Sadly, The Uptown Beer Garden and the Point Breeze Beer Garden unfortunately fell victim to gentrification and the strict PA Liquor laws.

As summer winds down, take of advantage of Philadelphia outdoors. A summer day (and night) in Philadelphia is best spent with a  beer and the breeze. Check out the below link for details about these locations and all of the restaurants that offer outdoor options.