Become A Member

Membership Benefits

The benefits of Becoming a Member of the Philadelphia Area Concierge Association:

  1. The ability to connect and network with concierges throughout the city at monthly meetings
  2. Monthly meetings are hosted by local restaurants and business, allowing you to visit new locations and make contacts with the owners and managers.
  3. Meetings often include guest speakers representing local attractions, shops, and organizations.

Eligibility Requirements

An individual must complete a membership application and qualify under these conditions:

  1. The applicant is presently employed full time (32 hours or more) with the company represented.
    B. All applicants must either have the job title of Concierge or perform the duties of a concierge. 
    1. All applicants must include a sponsorship letter from a member of PACA, as well as a reference letter from the general manager or supervisor at their property.                                                                                                                              
  2. Applications are accepted on a “rolling” basis. There are no deadlines.
  3. Once a member, there will be a one-year probationary period. During this period, the member will have not voting privileges and may not run for office.
  4. Annual dues are $95

For consideration, please fill out this Membership Application.

Completed applications should be scanned and emailed to Director of Membership, Ella Jones